mechanical pencil (0.3 mm, b), colored pencil on bristol drawing board
70 x 50 cm
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Concept: - Story:
    Me on a certain day sitting at my untidy desktop in my untidy room in
    Vienna. I am looking into a little mirror to draw a self portrait.
    The remote-control release on the laptop keyboard activates the
    camera on the left. The laptop screen is showing the photo the camera
    has taken of me. Through the open window we can see two windows
    in diffenrent levels of the oppsite building. The boy in the lower window and
    and the old man in the upper window are looking at me.
    The arrow on the laptop screen shows a date: 'Friday, 24. May 2013' - my
    birthday. I am looking at myself in the mirror at the age of 40. The boy in
    the lower window of the opposite building is portrait of myself when I was
    around 12. The person in the upper window of the opposite building is how
    I see myself as an old man.
  - Skaling:
    1. City: A folded city map of Vienna on the left below.
    2. District: The phone display shows a map of my neighbourhood in the 9th
    district in Vienna.
    3. Street: The b/w photo with the cut off white frame shows the street where
    I live (the building entrance is in the Schlagergasse, the windows in the
    4. Apartments: The colored photo sticked on the lamp shows the windows
    of my apartment, in the window frame we can see the apartments of the
    opposite building.
  - Outlines - colors:
    The drawing consists of outlines. Only the pictures (phone display, laptop
    screen, photos on paper, mirror and window frame) within the picture
    are colored.
  - Night - day:
    Inside my room it is at night, the outlook in the window frame is by day.